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OShow #HumpDaySurvey: 29% Would Live In Haunted Home For This?


Every Wednesday we throw out a random fact for you to guess at with the OShow #HumpDaySurvey. Today's is quite haunting.

A Chapman University survey found 52% of people believe in ghosts, but 29% of people said they'd live in a haunted home if it had what? (Realtor.com)

Take a guess and listen to see if you're right:

Some more interesting finds:

-40% would live with a ghost for a price reduction

-35% better neighborhood

-48% would tolerate hot and cold spots (had this in my parents home)

-35% would tolerate unexplained shadows (had this in my parents home too)

-20% would be ok with levitating objects! (NOPE!)


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