Moron Monday: Clown Arrested For Criminal Trespass and Drugs

Southern State Correctional Facility Mugshot

Arrests around Halloween, have to be some of the most amusing arrests all year. The costume's people are in make for amazing mugshots.

Sean Barber, 43, of Vermont found that out the hard way. He broke into a home that wasn't his and passed out in an upstairs bedroom. A teenager in the home found the man passed out in a clown suit and called 911.

Police responded and found the man still unconscious and intoxicated from drugs and alcohol. He was “found to be in possession of cocaine during his arrest", according to the police report.  Barber was booked on unlawful trespass and cocaine possession charges at the Southern State Correctional Facility.

This mugshot will live on as one of the classics!! Not sure if the white powder under his nose is part of the costume of not! (Source: SmokingGun)



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