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TV's Highest Paid Hosts

I'm sure we all dream of making the "Highest Paid" list someday. Several daytime TV hosts are doing pretty well for themselves topping the new list of Forbes' Highest Paid TV Hosts

Dr. Phil came in at the very top making $79 Million on his show over this past year. That doesn't include a share of the shows profits as well.

Ellen came in just under the Dr. bringing in $77 Million and she gets a share of her shows profits as well!

Ryan Seacrest upped his value by a lot by signing on with Kelly Ripa and taking a $58 million paycheck for that, along with his producing creds for Keeping Up With The Kardashians, American Idol, his radio show, and 17 other jobs. 

Rounding out the list:

Judge Judy - $47 Million

Simon Cowell - $45 Million

Steve Harvey - $42 Million

Micheal Strahan - $21 Million

Heidi Klum - $21 Million

How do Micheal and Heidi even survive on those pennies! Gah! 

Meanwhile, as a radio host, I bought clothes at Old Navy the other day because they where 40% off ALREADY cheap prices! #BALLIN


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