Sutherland Springs Church Opens Doors With Powerful Memorial

One of the worst shooting in modern Texas History happened in the small town of Sutherland Springs. A town of only a couple hundred that will forever be changed by the tragic moment, where 25 people lost their life in church.

The Pastor of The First Baptist Church said they won't re-open it as a church, but did open the doors to the public as a powerful moment to witness. Pictures of the now all white chapel with 25 chairs is what remains. Each chair has a name and a single red rose of the victims. These pictures brought me to tears.


A Sunday morning Sermon before the church was opened gave an amazing reason why, Pastor Frank Pomeroy says he decided to open the building as a memorial. He told the congregation of hundreds that it's "so that everyone who walks in there will know that the people who died lived for their Lord and Savior." (Ok...more tears) 


What a powerful statement and positive message for that community and the world. Don't let it be a dark place, let the light of God shine bright through the tragedy! Pomeroy lost his daughter in the shooting, but said he know she and the other members of the church "are dancing with Jesus". 

God bless them and the entire community in Sutherland Springs. I can't being to fathom the pain and heartache ahead. 


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