Randy Travis's Naked DUI Arrest Video Released

Randy Travis was arrested for DWI in 2012 after crashing his Trans Am and walking into a convenience store naked. His lawyers tried blocking the video of the arrest from getting released, but a federal judge allowed it on Monday. 

Travis is highly intoxicated and ranting about his upbringing, the size of his penis, and wishing death upon the police officer who was arresting him.



Travis's reps released a statement blaming a severe concussion during the accident for his outrageous behavior, and saying, "Randy's behavior was extremely altered the evening of his arrest due to the state of his mental health, and substances in his body, causing him to do and say things that were entirely out of character. [He] is deeply apologetic for his actions that evening. A man of integrity with a good heart, Randy does not and will never condone these type of actions that distort the true beliefs of Randy Travis and his entire family."

Still on good explanation on why he was completely naked though. 



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