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5 Tips To Prepare For The Snow Coming To Atlanta


Let's face it... snow freaks us out in the South. With the news of our first snowfall potentially hitting tonight after midnight and a "winter-mix" all afternoon tomorrow, I've created an important survival guide to help.

5 tips on how to prepare for the snow on it's way:

5. Lose every bit of sense you have and skills you learned driving, and freak out at 1st flake

4. Wine.... buy lots of wine! Maybe some bread too, but mainly wine (also can substitute beer)

3. Don't eat yellow snow... It's gotta be said. See Rule 4

2. Start coming up with baby names for that little surprise that's coming in 9 months

1. If you’re stuck at work when the snow hits, be sure to get 2 legal forms of consent before huddling together with coworkers to stay warm!

Happy Snow Days!! 

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