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Surgeon Arrested For Autographing Patients Organs


A British surgeon was arrested and is facing some serious charges after he was caught signing his initials on patients organs.

Dr. Simon Bramhall admitted two counts of assault at Birmingham Crown Court, but plead not guilty in a to charges of assault causing bodily harm when it was discovered by another doctor, that his initials where carved into his former patients organs.

According to the Telegraph, the female patient in question's liver wasn't healing correctly, so further investigation by another doctor found the carved initials "SB". And there is reason to believe he did it to many patients in his care.

“This has been a highly unusual and complex case, both within the expert medical testimony served by both sides and in law,” prosecutor Tony Badenoch said.

Allegedly, like an artist signing his work, Branhall would laser carve his initials into patients organs that he worked on. Sort of a badge of honor for him. 

He spent 12-years as a consultant surgeon at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. After being discharged for disciplinary action by the hospital, Branhall admitted, he made "a mistake".

I wonder if autographed organs go for more? No? Maybe that's the new wave of body mods... get famous people to sign a kidney. I mean I'd let Selena Gomez sign an organ or two. Just sayin'


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