Pet Translator Could Allow You To Talk To Your Dog

Scientist are working on a way for us to get closer to our best friend... by talking to them. The Pet Translator is in the works right now to decipher barks into language. 

According to Tech Times, we may be soon able to carry on a conversation with our dogs. They're using a technology that was previously used to translate prairie dog noises into something people can understand. The artificial technology will translate vocalizations and facial expressions into something we can understand. 

Animal behavior expert Con Slobodchikoff worked with the technology of a computer scientist to expand his prairie dog research into a usable device to understand our dogs barks and expressions. 

How crazy! Do we really want to know what the dog is thinking or saying though? I'm guessing it's probably not really profound.

I got an early advance on the device so I tried it on my dog.... well.... just listen:



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