"Snow Car" Fools Police In Epic Way

A Canadian man had police completely confused with his snow car prank. 

During winter months in Montreal, you can't park your car on the street because they need them open to plow. So the picture of this "snow car" that a man built is going viral because of the baffled police officer who is attempting to write the phantom car a ticket. 


Simon Laprise created a full scale version of the Deloreon from "Back To The Future" out of snow. It took him four hours to create the fake Deloreon and he originally did it to fool snow removal workers, but when he saw the cops investigating the vehicle he snapped a pic and shared it. 

Poliec eventually figured out it wasn't a real car and wrote, "You made our evening" on the ticket, along with, "It's been towed to the snow depot". (NY Daily News)

Genius!! This took some serious skill and the right tools for sure!



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