Woman's Son Records Country Song She Wrote 30 Years Ago


Over 10 million people have watched this heart warming video of a mother hearing the song she wrote 30 years ago, produced and performed by her son. They presented it to her and her reaction was priceless. And the song is a pretty good country song! 

Love What Really Matters shared the video on Facebook and it's a tear jerker with this caption:

"My mom wrote this song: 'Fishing in the Sky' about 30 years ago and recorded it on a cassette tape. Last year when Travis and I were up here for Christmas, we listened to it. Travis has been recording some music lately; and about three weeks ago, I pitched the idea to Travis to get the lyrics and look into recording it. He remembered the song, and was genuinely interested. Today, I had the pleasure of sharing the finished product with my mom. Her reaction is priceless."



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