Worst Cities In America For Traffic


If you live in Atlanta, you'd probably guess it's gotta be the worst in the world for traffic. Our commutes are ridiculous. It ranked pretty high but not quite #1.

L.A., not shockingly, came in at #1 in the World. Moscow, Russia was right behind it. Atlanta ranked 8th in the World and 4th in America for the most time spent per year in traffic. 

Here's the list of Top 10 worst in the U.S.: (USA Today)

  • Los Angeles - 102 hours
  • New York City - 91 hours
  • San Francisco - 79 hours
  • Atlanta - 70 hours (6 days of our year)
  • Miami - 64 hours
  • Washington DC - 63 hours
  • Boston - 60 hours
  • Chicago - 57 hours
  • Seattle - 55 hours
  • Dallas - 54 hours


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