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Jobs That Could Lead To Divorce By The Age Of 30


Wondering why there is so much tension in your marriage and you can't figure it out? Maybe it's your job?

Some jobs come with long hours, lots of stress and not kosher balance of time for your relationship. AND some people just don't know how to leave work at work!

According to a new survey by Zippia, they compiled a list of  jobs that are most likely to lead to divorce before the age of 30. They took info from the U.S. Census Bureau and cross referenced people jobs with how many got divorced to find the correlation. They focused on 30 and under, so this is what they found out where the most likely jobs to cause divorce by the age of 30:

1. First-Line Enlisted Military Supervisors

2. Nonfarm Animal Caretakers

3. Probation Officers and Correctional Treatment

4. Advertising Sales Agents

5. Casino Employees

6. Museum Employees

7. File Clerks

8. Social Workers

9. Bank Tellers

10. Security Guards

Shockingly, radio personality did not make the list! Though I have seen it on other lists as a potential for tough on relationships. I tell my wife all the time that she has to be a special person to deal with the job I have. It's not for the jealous or possessive type at all. I love to interact with my OShow fam who listen to the show and come to our events a lot. I've had girlfriends that weren't secure enough to deal with that constantly. Especially, when I was hosting at nightclubs. 

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