3 Contestants From Georgia You Will See On American Idol's Reboot

Sunday night, American Idol is coming back to TV. The franchise re-boot will be judged by Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie. 

The jury is still out for me on if I am gonna be all in for this re-boot but I'm sure I'll watch the first couple episodes to see how it is. 

3 contestants you may wanna watch for though are from right here in GA. WSB-TV had them in the studio recently to talk about the new show. Isaac Streetman, Victoria McQueen, and Andrew Weaver are the hopefuls from Georgia we can root for. 


 Bremen High School sophomore, Andrew Weaver sent a video in through WSB conteast and made it as one of the top 5 videos chosen to get a chance to get a front line pass to audition. He actually got a "No" in open call in Atlanta, but his mom drove him up to Ashville for a second shot and it worked!

He told News and Views USA when auditioning for the judges, "I found it hard to focus for a few minutes. Then, as they told me to go in, something happened and the nerves went away and I felt ready and truly honored to be there. As I walked to my spot in front of the judges, it was awesome. I remember every moment.”

Sunday at 8pm on ABC we can watch all of their journeys to super stardom! 



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