New Dating App Let's You Pick People Base On Their Voice

There are a lot of apps that pair people up using picture and bios to help try and find love, but what if you could do it more like the show "The Voice"?

The Waving App allows you to put up a bio and and audio clip showcasing your voice. Users can swipe left or right based on only what you sound like. Sound odd?


It may seem a bit odd, but research shows that people voice play a big part in choosing a partner. Robert Burriss, an evolutionary psychologist who studies human attraction at the University of Basel in Switzerland, said traditionally, women tend to find men with deeper voices more attractive. Also, Men tend to gravitate to women with a higher pitch. (NPR)

Maybe there really is something to the new app. However, based on my own unscientific research, I can say I've talked with people who sound so sexy, then in person..... Busted. 

Would you use it? Think it could work?



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