List Of The Most Stressed States In America


With the traffic around Atlanta, you'd think we'd make the top 10 at least for the "Most Stressed States" but we didn't.....barely. 

Wallethub compiled data to rank states by how stressed out people are. Louisiana, surprisingly, ranked is at the top! Based on Work, Family, Money, & Health related stress, Louisiana scored high on all those aspects for it's residence. 

Rounding out the Top 5 was 2) New Mexico, 3) West Virginia, 4) Mississippi, and 5) Nevada. Georgia barely missed the Top 10 at #12 in America for "Most Stressed". Given the awesome weather we have in the south and of course, our way of life is the best, I'd say that sounds about right. However, if you've ever driven anywhere near Atlanta during rush hour, you'd probably agree that number stress level may be the highest in the country! Especially when you're behind someone with a South Carolina plate! "DRIVE ...... IDIOT!"

The states that where the least stressed: 1) Minnesota, 2) North Dakota, 3) Utah, 4) Iowa, and 5) South Dakota.

Side note: According to the data, women's stress levels rose this year, while men's levels dropped.

Meanwhile.... me at work earlier today:





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