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OShow Hump Day Survey: 71% Prefer To Binge Netflix With Who?


Every Wednesday we throw out a random fact for you to guess at with the OShow #HumpDaySurvey. We all have our Netflix marathon moments, but who do we prefer to do it with?

Netflix asked users that same question, not really too surprising that 71% of people said they prefer to binge the most with who?

Take a guess and see if you are right, click below:

Here are some other random facts they found: (NetFlix)

- 28% use their pet for comfort during scary or tense moments

- 47% have moved where they were sitting so their pet would be more comfortable

- 13% have turned off the show because their pet didn't like it

- Dog owners prefer Narcos and Marvel’s Daredevil.

- Cat owners prefer sci-fi series like Black Mirror and Star Trek Discovery

- Bird lovers are more into comedies like Orange is the New Black

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