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What Would You Be Willing To Do To Never Pay Taxes Again?


Taxes are due TOMORROW!! They're are so stressful to calculate, and then when you owe money, it makes you wanna pull your hair out. Imagine never having to pay or do taxes EVER again!?

WalletHub asked hundredes of people what they'd be willing to do, to never have to pay taxes again. Here are some of the findings:

- 37 percent would move to a different country (I hear Aruba is beautiful this time of year!)

- 24 percent would get an IRS tattoo (Go with a full sleeve of Math stuff)

- 22 percent would switch political parties (Nope! too important)

- 15 percent would stop talking for 6 months (Not possible, I do it for a living)

- 15 percent would take a vow of celibacy (Not a chance!)

- 11 percent would name their child “Taxes” if it meant a tax-free future. (If you're cool with him being bullied and hating you forever)

How many of these would you do?

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