Hero Southwest Pilot Calm And Collected After Engine Blew



Capt. Tammie Jo Shults is being hailed a hero for saving hundreds of people from certain death when her planes engine blew out at 32,000 ft.

Shults, a Navy vet who was one of the 1st females to fly a navy fighter jet and an F-18, was super calm under the crazy circumstances where she had 143 lives in her hands. 

Shults can be heard on this communication with air traffic control explaining the problem and calling for an emergency landing in Philly. She is super calm and collected and takes every step to land the plane safely on the ground. 

I would've been losing my mind and praying like crazy. This woman acted like she's done this a few times a week. 

One passenger was killed when pieces of the engine broke out the window and the de-pressurization pushed her through the gaping whole. Jennifer Riordan, a mother of 2 from Albuquerque, didn't make it, despite several civilians on the plane trying to pull her back in with no luck. 

What a nightmare for all on board and for this family. Things could've been a lot worse though, had the pilot not kept her cool and saved all the others on the plane. Just amazing!

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