Thousands Of Bees Get Loose Inside The Cab of Man's Truck


A local Bee Keeper from Waynesville N.C. was on a road trip with thousands of bees in their hive boxes, when they all escaped inside his truck. 

Wally Leatherwood just picked up 3 boxes full of bees to take home and create hives. Originally he had them in the back of his pick-up, but didn't want them to overheat. When he stopped to get a bite to eat, he moved them into the cab with air conditioning. After lunch, he came back out and they where swarming the inside of the truck. 

His friend, Brandon Singleton, caught the chaos on video as they where all laughing about it. ally got back in the truck with the bees, because he wanted to make sure he got home with the bees he'd just bought. 

Shockingly, he didn't get stung the entire ride home. He did get stung a few times though, while trying to get them into the boxes at home for the hives. (News13)

I get one spider or bee in my car and I'm lucky to not cause a 50 car pile up. No way I could handle sitting in with that many bees all over! NOPE!



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