Alexa Speaker Send Private In-Home Convo To Co-Worker

A Portland woman was thoroughly creeped out when a private conversation between her and her husband in her home, got sent to an employee of his. 

CBS News affiliate Kiro-TV her Amazon Echo speaker recorded a conversation she was having about several things and she found out when the employee called to tell her about it. Originally she thought it was a joke, but the employee knew random details about her wood floors and other things. They then showed her the recording. 

Amazon has been notified and engineers are doing investigations to find out why, but early information turned up no good reason. The Amazon engineers speculate that the speaker sent the conversation with out asking for confirmation. The company is working to improve the device so this can't happen and to figure out why.

“I felt invaded,” she told Kiro-TV. “A total privacy invasion. Immediately, I said, ‘I’m never plugging that device in again because I can’t trust it’.” (VentureBeat)

That's very creepy! My speaker randomly talks and responds to private convos when we aren't talking to her, so we unplugged ours too. 

However with 3 kids, if random convos got recorded in my house, they'd probably sound like this:



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