Gwinnett County Man Wakes Up With Stranger In His Bed


Peter Brownlowe of Duluth got a pretty odd late night surprise this weekend, when a man in his underwear crawled in bed with him and passed out. 

Brownlowe woke up to a strange noise, that's when he noticed the almost naked intruder. He told WSB news that he almost grabbed his gun but he called police instead. Police arrived and arrested the man, who still didn't wake up until he was in handcuffs. 

"When I came out [to the living room], I saw his pants on my couch and his shoes are right there by the door and his cellphone is on top of his pants," Brownlowe said.

The front door was left unlocked and the man was so drunk he thought it was his apartment. 

The drunken sleeper Sangyul Jo, 34, was arrested on several charges and police found out he actually lived about 3 buildings down. He was still confused as police arrested him say "Why, Why?", to which the officer said, "because you're in someone else's bed!"

I've been drunk but not so bad I didn't know where I lived! I have however slept next to a tree before for many hours. 



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