Nest Cam Catches Man's Desperate Sprint To The Bathroom


A friend of ours shared a pretty hilarious Nest Cam video from her home, where her husband was on a fast mission to make it to the toilet after too much Japanese food.

Casey Brodbeck and her husband went out for a dinner date at a local Japanese steak house, but it seems the food came back to haunt her husband pretty fast. They are seen in the video blazing into the drive way, as he hops out a sprints to the the door and attempts getting the code put in before all hell breaks loose in his pants.

She wrote, "When your Japanese steakhouse dinner runs through you so fast that you BARELY make it home in time...Turn your sound all the way up to hear the distressed sounds + me yelling at him to run. Nest Hello is priceless."#NestHello #PrairieDoggedAllTheWayHome

Haha We've all experienced this fear and anxiety probably too many times in our life! It's worse when it's at work! This is not a race you want to lose! 



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