OShow Hump Day Survey: 2/3 Americans Have 1, But Only Use It Twice A Year


Every Wednesday we throw out a random fact for you to guess at with the OShow #HumpDaySurvey. 

A recent poll of Americans found that most of us have this essential item in our house, but we don't use it very often during the year. I use mine MOST of the year. This is a little sad. 2/3rds of Amercian's have this, but only use it 2 or 3 times per year?

Take a guess and see if you are right, click below:



Otis was born and raised in a small town in Morton, IL between two pumpkin patches. It’s the Pumpkin Capitol of the World, so there’s that. He considers Charlotte, NC his hometown, after spending 10 years there doing radio and meeting his wife... Read more


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