Reality Tuesday: Guy Wins Lottery Twice In 1 Day By Accident

CL Lottery Photo

I don't have anywhere near the luck that one guy in Connecticut just had, winning the lottery twice in one accident. 

John Smedick Jr. bought a Cash 5 ticket in the Conn. Lotto. Later that day, he forgot he had bought one, so he purchased another. There where 2 winning tickets in the Cash 5 that night for $100,000 each. Smedick had them BOTH!!

"It turns out I played it, forgot I played it, and played it again. My daughter went to the lottery's website and saw there were two $100,000 winning Cash 5 tickets," Smedick said. "Both of them were mine — I won $200,000. (Inside Edition)

He said it's the "best mistake I've ever made". Ya think?!

I asked my OShow Fam, "What kind of recent dumb luck they had?" 




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