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List Of America's Happiest States


Personal finance site MagnifyMoney set out to measure the levels of happiness in all 50 states. They used a methodology developed by Oxford University to analyze a number of “well-being” factors in categories of health, lifestyle, prosperity, so who was on top of the list?

Minnesota?! What? All the states in the Top 5 where in the upper mid/north west. South Dakota, Colorado, Utah, North Dakota all came in consecutively after Minnesota. I'm shocked by that, with all the snow and dreary weather they get up that way. CLICK for full list on MagnifyMoney.com

So where did the lovely state of Georgia land? 41st out of 50! At the freakin bottom! NO WAY!

Georgia Tallulah Gorge - Pixabay.com

I'm calling for a recount! With all our beautiful landscapes, great weather year round, prettiest women in the world, sweet tea, BBQ and we insult people with "Bless her heart", what could be better?

Here are the bottom 5 below us:

Least Happy States:

50. Louisiana

49. Rhode Island

48. West Virginia

47. Alabama

46. Mississippi

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