Georgia Police Looking For Ramen Noodle Bandit Who Stole $98,000 In Ramen

Georgia police are baffled by who would want to steal $98,000 worth of Ramen Noodles. A trailer full was just hi-jacked in Fayetteville on August 1st.

 Fayette County Sheriff's Office is currently investigating a full trailer of 300,000 Ramen packets that vanished from a Chevron station in Fayetteville. The driver said he dropped the trailer on July 25th and when he returned to go deliver it on August 1st.... it was gone! (UPI)


I would check all nearby college campuses! This is a tragedy! Just think how many young college kids will have to starve with this much Ramen missing! 

Ramen worth $98,000 hasn't gone missing....since Justin Timberlake's hair, circa 1998.



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