Biggest Modern Day Gripes List

A new study in the UK asked people what in modern day society bothers you the most? I've definitely got a few major gripes about the world today... political fights on FB, idiots at self-check out, people who walk with their eyes glued to their phone. None of those made the top of the list surprisingly. (SWNS Digital)

Biggest Modern Day Gripes:

  • People not listening to you
  • People pushing into a line
  • Someone who doesn't say please/thank you
  • People thinking rules don't apply to them
  • Splashing your favorite top/jeans with something
  • People eating loudly/sloppily
  • Lateness
  • Drivers who don't stop at a cross walk
  • Washing clothes with a tissue in the pocket
  • Paying to withdraw cash

I asked the O Show Fam what their biggest Modern Day Gripe was and these where pretty solid:



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