Two Girls Under 10 Give Dating Advice To Grown Men


Sometimes as we get older, we tend to complicate relationships and expectations a bit in love. decided to simplify it a little and ask some very young girls what advice they would give to grown men about how to treat a lady. The two girls ages 6 and 9 had some pretty good tips really! 

Here where some of the important things to follow according to them: (highlighted some of my fave)

Nice hand writing


Likes parents

Not living with parents

Good manners

Good artist

Dresses well

Takes you to nice places

Nice place

Likes children/wants children

Nice jewelry


Don’t pick your nose

No kissing on first date

Marry some one who respects you


Good cook

Has a good job

Always happy


Respect diffrent religons

Last name not weird

Very fun

Makes you laugh 

Eats healthy

Takes care of body

Doesn’t tatle tale

Brushes teeth and floss

Likes YOUR job

Take care of pet

Hahaha their insight at such a young age is pretty amazing!! 



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