Moron Monday: Guy's Mariachi Proposal Turns Jerry Springer Real Fast

A man in Mexico City thought he had planned out the most EPIC proposal. He lured his GF to the place they met, had hired a Mariachi bad to play from a balcony and when she arrived... it wasn't her that was most surprised. It was her husband... they played in the band!

The band arrived at the address and started to play 'If they let us'. That's when the lead singer noticed his wife walking up to the scene of the proposal. Things turned Jerry Springer real quick, as he started shouting and punching the man who hired him, according to Mexico's Los40 website.

The other band members had to break it up and the "boyfriend" said he had no idea she was married. 

There was a picture shared on FB that was supposedly the moment the lead singer noticed (see it on Daily Mail)

This went incredibly wrong FAST! That woman is a complete moron! Skeletons have a funny way of jumping out of the closet at the worst times! 



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