Moron Monday: Man Arrested For His "How To Disable An Ankle Bracelet" Video

Not sure why this has to be said out loud, but DON'T FILM YOURSELF DOING SOMETHING ILLEGAL, THEN PUT IT ON FACEBOOK? Apparently, that's not as common sense as you'd think.

Dustin W. Burns, 33, of Springfield, MO found out the moronic way, that a "How to disable your ankle monitor" video was an incredibly dumb idea when you're on PROBATION! Burn's shared the video below to his FB in July and police quickly got a hold of it and arrested him again. Now he's facing more felony charges of tampering with electronic monitoring equipment. Rightfully so! 

He's shared other FB videos where he's walking through fields of marijuana and other illegal activity as well, making it very easy for law enforcement to make a case. (Springfield News Leader)



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