Bride Admits To Fattening Up Sisters For Her Wedding

This may be one of the top “bridezillas” of all time. A UK woman admited in her wedding blog that she fattened up her sisters (the bridemaids) and intentionally picked out ugly dresses for them, so that she would be the most beautiful at her wedding. 

Penny shared on “Whimn” that she was so competitive with her sisters and she wanted all attention on her for her big day, that she fattened them up with special “smoothies.”

All the sisters lived together, so leading up to the nuptials the bride-to-be would make herself a slimming smoothie and tell here sisters she made them one too. In reality, she spiked the girls’ drinks with mega-weight gain protein powder. They all had to re-alter their dresses just before the wedding day. She also added insult to injury by picking out bright yellow dresses would white out their skin.

Penny did say that she "felt a tinge of guilt" when looking at the pictures now, but "mostly happy". #SAVAGE 


I had a chance to get a hold of one of her sisters to ask about the sabotage:



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