Woman's Helicopter Proposal Turns Terrifying When She Has To Crash Land It


What was supposed to be an amazingly romantic proposal for a couple in Hawaii turned terrifying when the helicopter pilot passed out. 

Adam and Carli of Illinois took a romantic vacation to Oahu and Adam had planned a beautiful helicopter ride over the ocean. He waited for the perfect moment to ask Carli to marry him and then happiness turned to terror, when the pilot passed out at the controls.

Carli was in the front seat with Adam in the back when she yelled "What do I do!?" Adam said "pull up, pull up" as the chopper took a deep dive. That's when Carli took over flying and guided the chopper to a shallow part of the ocean and crash landed as soft as she could. Both suffered minor injuries but no one was killed. The helicopter company responsible said "clearly, the pilot had a medical emergency." He survived as well.

Adam told ABC 13, "Somebody wants us to be together", after both where quite surprised to have survived the ordeal. I can't even imagine how scary that was in the moment!! I would've been screaming like a 10-year-old girl. Carli is a hero! Dang! 

Sucks for Adam though, She's gonna bring that up in every argument they ever have. "OH YEAH!! REMEMBER THAT TIME I SAVED YOUR LIFE! REALLY?!"



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