Historical Election: Women Win Big, A Dead Guy, And A Convict Too

Ron Reynolds Mugshot Texas

A Historical election had women and minority candidates winning a record number of seats in public office, during the 2018 Mid-term elections. A dead guy and convict also took seats in Nevada and Texas.

Rep. Ron Reynolds is currently serving time in a Texas prison, for using a 3rd party to chase down ambulances, to find clients for his law practice. Since his conviction, he has also lost his law degree but wasn't required to give up his candidacy. A party is going on today in cell block 3 for his victory in the 27th district. 

Reynolds ran un-opposed in the recent mid-terms. It's likely he won't be able to attend any political meetings anytime soon, as he still has at least another year to serve. He garnered almost 50,000 votes... seems like people are really doing their research these days. (KXAN)


Even more bizarre, is a deceased candidate in Nevada who just won a seat as well. David Hoff died a few weeks ago at his brothel that he owned in Nevada. He was elected posthumously to the legislative seat in the state’s 36th Assembly District.

Obviously, he's a little.... unavailable to fulfill his duties, so the city has now taken out a classified ad asking for any potential people interested in filling his spot. So odd! 

What can you say.... 'MERICA! 



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