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Moron Monday: Naked Man Busts Into Georgia Couple's Bedroom


Imagine just getting settled in bed for the night, when all of a sudden a naked man breaks in your house and shows up in your bedroom?! Shocking right? 

A couple in Columbia County, GA experienced just that this weekend. 29-year-old Christopher Linder busted into a couples home and started jumping on their bed while they where in it... completely nude!

"You wake up in the middle of the night from a peaceful sleep, and you get information like that, it throws you into Def-Con 4," witness/neighbor Jared McVicker told WFXG news. 

The couple ran outside to get neighbors attention and Linder followed. When police showed up the maced him and beat him with batons when he started doing lewd acts and attempting to get into their patrol cars. 

After being treated at the hospital, Linder admitted he was high on Meth. 

Columbia County Sheriff's Mugshot - Christopher Linder

He is charged with criminal trespassing, willful obstruction of law enforcement officers, and public indecency-indecent exposure.

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