English Couple Living As Cavemen

Wikimedia Commons

Imagine giving up all modern day gadgets and luxuries to go back and have to hunt for food and clothing, while living inside of a rock? Sound fun? Didn't think so.

A couple from England is doing just that. Naomi Walmsley and Dan Westall dress in handmade clothes stitched out of rabbit fur, hunt for their food with bow and arrows, and make cave art. The couple says they have bonded over the love of outdoors, and slowly started incorporating more and more cave men like habits in their daily lives. They went full in recently by building a stone village in the woods near their English town. They literally live like cavemen and survive on primitive techniques. (CLICK FOR PICS)

They also started a organization that teaches school kids these primitive life skills that people used in the stone age, called Outback2Basics. I wonder how many times they hear, "wait, so do you need a password for this tablet?"

I had no idea that cavemen knew how to use Youtube! Hmmm. 




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