Growing Facebook Community Believes In Drinking Urine As "Cure All"


A private community of Facebook believers in "Urine Therapy" was just discovered and is going viral.

There are hundreds of people who've joined this group since it was created in 2011. People are just not finding out about it and sharing screen shots of some pretty nasty rituals that people believe in.

The group believe drinking or bathing in your own urine is a way to "eliminate disease". One guy shared a pic of himself soaking his feet in pee and letting his dog lick it off, while he sunbathed. [excuse me while I puke]. Another sneaking to her friends bathroom at a party to grab a fresh sip!    


There is no scientific basis for this and it's pretty gross, in my opinion. 

I asked my Oshow Fam what other ridiculously crazy home remedies they've heard of. I got some pretty interesting answers:



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