Conversation Hearts Will Be Non-Exsistent This Valentine's

Such a TRAGEDY! No conversation hearts this Valentines Day!  

SweetHearts candy has been an iconic staple of Valentine's Day since the 1860's but this year they will not appear on store shelves since the parent company NECCO went out of business last July. 

The Spangler Candy Co. boutght them out in September but doesn't have the means to produce the candies to meet demand for Valentine's Day. 

Kirk Vashaw, the CEO of Spangler Candy Co. told that "We are looking forward to announcing the relaunch of SweetHearts for the 2020 Valentine's Day season." 

 It looks like we'll have to settle for the fake version's this year.... which is pretty fitting for most couples on Instagram. Or course..... if you're REALLY desperate, REAL conversation with a human being is also a good option! 



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