Moron Monday: Getaway Scooter Foils Austin Bank Robber's Plan

When you come up with a genius evil plan to pull off a bank'd think a getaway vehicle that goes over 10 mph might be a smart move. It was not in the plan for a man in Austin who police caught fairly easy because of his getaway scooter.

 Luca Mangiarano, 19, decided to rob a BBVA Compass bank in downtown Austin,TX last Thursday.  He disguised himself in a hoodie, walked up to the teller, and handed her a note demanding some cash. After recieving the payout, another employee saw his rush out and hop on a Jump Scooter (electric rentable scooter). There are several bigger problems with that plan, aside from it being a very slow getaway. (FoxNews)

Listen as we add him to the #MoronMonday list:

(Austin Police Department mugshot )


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