Georgia Boy Who Has Worn His Patriots Gear For 360 Days Gets Huge Surprise


A 13-year-old Georgia boy named Bennett Scala is proving he may be the Patriots most loyal fan. Despite teasing and bullying, he vowed to wear his team gear every day, after they lost last years Super Bowl. Now almost 365 days later, he's still got it on.

Atlanta's 11 Alive News caught up with Bennett to ask about his fandom and quest to cheer on his team despite the tough loss. "Everyday at least one kid would come up to me and tell me how much the Patriots suck," said Bennett. "I didn't wanna show people that I only like the Patriots when they win." His confidence and fandom for his team paid off pretty big for him too.

11 Alive asked him to be their on site reporter for the day. He got to meet some of his heros and ask them some big questions about the big game.

Love this! Amazing job buddy!



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