Georgia Man Tries Burning Down House With Mother Inside Over Cheez-Its


Now I've been upset over someone snacking on my food before, but this seems a little extreme. A Dekalb County man tried burning his house down with mother and brother inside, over Cheez-its.

Dekalb Fire fighters where called to a home in Dekalb that was set ablaze by one of it's occupants. Police reports say Jeremy Wyatt, 32, got angry after an argument over Cheez-Its and poured gasoline all over the front steps and lit the place on fire. His 61-year-old mother and brother where still inside when the fire was started.

Firefighters shared pictures on Facebook and said that they where able to get the fire put out and no occupants where inside when they arrived. The brother was able to help his mother down on a ladder to escape and the home was pretty badly damaged.

Wyatt was charged with arson and criminal damage to property,WGCL reports.

No word on how the fight about Cheez-its began but alcohol was a factor. Who knows what would've happened if they touched his Cinnamon Toast Crunch or sour patch kids! My God!

Now the only way he's getting any Cheez-Its is if he trades cigarettes or contraband for them.




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