Hubby Of The Year Builds Mechanical Forever Blooming Flower For Wife


A friend of mine said on Facebook, "I hate when guys get me flowers! You're basically giving me someone's decaying remains." Haha becuase after cutting a flowers it's in the process of dying. This Hubby-Of-The-Year just solved that problem with a mechanical forever blooming flower.

Twitter user Jiří Prausbuilt his wife a “mechanical tulip". It blooms just by stroking it with your fingers and lights up in different colors while it blooms.

The couple lives in the Czech Republic and Praus calls himself a “developer during the day, hardware maker at night." People have been following along in the process of him building it on his Twitter feed and the finished product was just revealed. It “blooms” when it’s caressed and he says the flower is “almost like jewelry”.

It's pretty amazing! My kids would break it in less than an hour though!

Happy Valentine's Day! You're man isn't this creative or caring. "SEE! Why can't you be more like him!" I can hear it now.



Otis was born and raised in a small town in Morton, IL between two pumpkin patches. It’s the Pumpkin Capitol of the World, so there’s that. He considers Charlotte, NC his hometown, after spending 10 years there doing radio and meeting his wife... Read more


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