This Mom Wore A Car Seat Cover As A Skirt By Accident

If you are parent or especially a mother (because y'all are amazing at multi-tasking), you know that there are moments where your brain is so worn out, that goofy mistakes happen and you have no clue how. This mother going viral for wearing a car seat cover as a skirt.

Lori Farrell posted on her Facebook, "If you feel like a failure today, just know that I wore a car seat cover a friend gave me because I thought it was a skirt." She "went about her day without even noticing for quite some time, that she was, in fact, not wearing a skirt.

She shared the picture of the ad showing the car seat cover, as well. How embarrassing! Haha I'm sure most people didn't even notice and she probably got a few compliments. I wouldn't have know the difference at all.

This reminds me of another gaff a few months back where a mother wore a thong in her hair all day, after grabbing the closest thing she could find to throw her hair up, to do some house work and forgetting.πŸ˜‚"πŸ˜‚


Have you had a "Mom Brain" or "Parent Brain" moment recently?



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