Guy Chainsawed His Face In Half, Then Drives Himself To ER


It's a miracle that this Australian grandfather is still alive today. After a gruesome chainsaw accident that cut his face, jaw, and tongue in half, he drove himself to the hospital 20 miles away.

Bill Singleton headed out to cut some firewood in a remote location. In a freak accident, the chainsaw ricocheted off the wood and hit him in the middle of his face. It cut through his lower jaw, tongue and down the middle of his face. Knowing there was no one close to help and the fact he couldn't talk to call for help, Singleton hopped in the car, held his face together and drove the longest ride of his life to the ER.

Doctors spent hours reconstructing and putting his face back together. They said it was a miracle he didn't pass out or crash while driving with that severe an injury. They said had he looked in the rear-view mirror at his injury, he may not have made it. Not to mention, he was 1 cm from cutting his carotid artery.

The pics are pretty gruesome to see but HOLY COW was this guy lucky! What a beast to be able to do all that by himself. I can't even imagine what was running through his head.... you know.. other that the chainsaw, I mean. God was on his side that day! Throw a little extra in the offering plate this week Bill!



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