Otis's March Madness Bracket Revealed

I am admittedly one of the WORST at filling out a March Madness bracket any time I try. I haven't done one in years for this reason, but I decided to jump in this year and try again.

According to a KSU professor on #MarchMadness "Statistically speaking, you have one chance in 9.2 quintillion to fill out your bracket all at once and only one reality will play out." So the fact that a light strike on your head is more likely than a perfect bracket, that means I may have a chance. (WSB)

If you need a good comparison for your #MarchMadness bracket versus likely one of the worst brackets... here is mine. I filled it out for our office pool today! Again, this is probably not gonna do well. Anyway, GO BLUE!!

Below I've included an experts bracket that is probably a better guide if you want to actually win your office pool. Who knows though... maybe luck will be on my side this year!

Here is the National Bracket picks from CBS.com:

This is sports expert Kyle Boone's picks:

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