Fridge Full Of Beer Washes Up By Two Men Surveying Flood Damage In Midwest


Two men in Nebraska where out surveying the horrible damage from rising flood waters in Nebraska when "a gift" from God showed up.....a fridge full of beer!

The midwest is dealing with some pretty bad flooding right now. Gayland Stouffer and Kyle Simpson from Nebraska where looking over damage near where the Platte River flooded and remarkably out of nowhere a BEER FRIDGE washed up right near them. They called it a “gift sent from the heavens" when they opened up the random fridge and it was full of beer! The cooler had traveled four miles downstream from a cabin owned by the Healy family.

It's like one minute your having a devastating day, the next minute you're in a Superbowl commercial... minus the Clydesdales and puppy. At first you are probably thinking this was FOR SURE divine intervention, however when you realize it was Busch beer.... you suddenly realize that God may hate them.



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