Florida Man Arrested For Pancake Assault

Listen... I've said it before, The kitchen is not a great place for a domestic dispute. It gets messy. A man who goes by "Mr. Perfect" just arrested in Florida for pancake assault #MoronMonday

Police reports say that Dwayne Zimmerman, 45, also known as "Mr. Perfect" on his alias list, was intoxicated when a fight began with him and a female at a trailer park in Florida. It escalated into him throwing cooking wear at the victim and causing a pretty major mess!

Pancake assault isn't the only thing on Mr. Perfects rap sheet though. He's had several previous arrests including assault with ice cream. Listen to Moron Monday on The OShow:


Zimmerman has been in cuffs for grand theft; disorderly intoxication; battery; narcotics possession; criminal mischief; drunk driving; and assault. Also, in 2017 was arrested for throwing a frozen gallon of ice cream at his sister.

(The Smoking Gun)



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