Otis's Wife And Her Viral Fail Made It On National TV


My wife Brittney is pretty embarrassed by her balance board FAIL that is quickly going viral. The ABC show Right This Minute even played it on the show today.

She was simply watching the kids in the basement playroom and decided she'd try out the Indo Board while talking on the phone. She had never tried out the balance board before but didn't really consider that it takes some balance and focus to get it going. That's when it went completely out from under here and she landed flat on her face. It's now taking on a viral life with over 30,000 views and Right This Minute featuring it on the show this morning. I even got a little shout out too!

OUCH! Thankfully, she is ok. No injuries... other than her ego was a little bruised.



Otis was born and raised in a small town in Morton, IL between two pumpkin patches. It’s the Pumpkin Capitol of the World, so there’s that. He considers Charlotte, NC his hometown, after spending 10 years there doing radio and meeting his wife... Read more


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