Woman Arrested For Stealing Motorized Cart & Driving To Waffle House

Crossville PD Mugshot

Listen... when you need your coffee, there's not much you won't do for it. At least this woman in Tennessee had that line of thinking, when she stole a motorized Wal-mart cart and headed down the highway to Waffle House.

45-year-old Sally Selby, from Crossville, Tennessee stopped into Wal-mart at 4:00 A.M. last week to do some shopping. According Channel 5, Selby hopped on a motorized cart, drove around the store a bit, then went outside to do some donuts in the parking lot, before taking off in the stolen cart. Police said they recieved many calls of the woman driving down the highway in the slow lane.

Police where involved in a very low speed chase when they went to pull her over in the cart. It seem during questioning, she told officers she needed to go grab some coffee about a mile down the road at a Waffle House. It's not clear if she's disabled, or even needed the scooter in the first place. She's now facing theft charges.



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