Woman Catches Lighting Strike Just Feet From Her Apartment Window

Shocking video is going viral of a lighting strike near a Florida woman's apartment.

Erica Hite, from Boyton Beach, FL, was doing a video to show how bad the storm was near her apartment complex, she opened the curtain and was blown away by a lighting strike within feet of her apartment window. It hit a small patch of grass right new her. You can hear her saying "I don't know what you guys have going on, but this is my house... then she screams!"

"It was crazy. Very scary, very loud," Hite told the Palm Beach Post. "It was just the right place at the right time. I could probably never in my life get something like that again."

I am a closet storm chaser. When I was younger we'd chase down some pretty crazy tornado activity and run outside in giant hale and lighting storms. Dumb, I know. It fascinates me though! I've seen some strikes pretty close but this is crazy! I can't imagine how much her heart was racing when it hit.



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