Wait, What?! Harry Styles Is The Father Of The Royal Baby?

The Duke & Duchess Of Sussex Pose With Their Newborn Son (credit:  WPA Pool / Pool)

The Royal baby Archie Harrison Moutbatten-Windsor is the talk of Britain and the world, for that matter, but now an unneeded rumor may have just started. Is One Direction's Harry Styles the real father?

No... is the true answer, but it's important for news stations to double check their work, when reporting on such a massive story. According to a Mexican TV programs recent feature, Harry Styles fathered the royal baby. That could raise some drama up in the royal castle!


The picture is going viral of the news fail because of how ridiculous and funny it sounds. I'm sure there are a lot of 1D fans who think of Harry Styles as royalty, but he's definitely not the baby daddy. I'm not sure he's even met the Duchess before, so it would be quite hard to conceive a child.

I'd guess this was probably exactly his face when he saw the news!


Maybe just so we are all satisfied... Maury can do the honors of making sure!



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